How do they clean escalators?

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What are the different methods to wash an escalator? People don’t think of what a tough and hard task it is to clean an escalator. There are lots of moving components and this type of flooring can be tough to bring back to new or near new condition. There are three common ways to clean an escalator. The first is by hand that can be a very time consuming and difficult task with poor outcomes. The third and ultimate way to clean an escalator would be to use a professional escalator cleaner. The most difficult part of cleaning this ever-moving stairway are the groves on each step. Over time grime and debris gets caught in such groves and builds up becoming compacted and hard to remove. Using physical man power the only way to clean these groves is to use a brush and wash out each grove one by one, on some escalators there may be thousands of groves which could take days or even weeks to wash.
There are lots of companies worldwide that produce floor equipment for cleaning several kinds of flooring. Some of the companies produce smaller auto scrubbers with counter rotating brushes that can deep clean grout lines and groves such as escalator steps. These machines are capable of light duty cleaning of escalator steps but do not have the brush bristle length to reach the into the deep groves of the measures. This is an easy option for eliminating top debris but will only scratch the surface and won’t bring the escalator system back to its original appearance.
The greatest way to clean an escalator is to use an expert escalator cleaning machine. These machines are designed to easily move from step to step and utilize a water pump system that first sprays water into the groves of the step. After water is jetted into the step long rotating brushes clean deep down to remove the toughest debris that’s been compacted with time. To finish the cleaning cycle a powerful vacuum system is used to extract the dirt and water out of the measures bringing the escalator back to its original new looking condition.
Starting any business can be hard but escalator cleaning is a superb way to get into the industrial cleaning industry. There are two major items needed to start your own escalator cleaning business. The first is an expert escalator cleaner. These cleaning machines can range from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the features the unit has. A good excellent escalator cleaner may weigh up to 1500 pounds so be sure to choose one that comes with a transport system so that it can be easily loaded in and out of a trailer or van.
Depending upon your location and the size of the escalator the typical escalator cleaning job can cost between $2000 to $5000 for only 1 cleaning. It is important to have the right equipment to perform the work professionally so that you can build up repeat clientele. Be certain to use a machine from a reputable manufacturer who produces the best and most lasting escalator cleaning equipment.

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