Dead Animal Removal

Unfortunately dead animals happen. And the worst ones are the dead animals in your home, in the attic or in the walls.

You will usually find these dead animals because of their smell. You will smell the decay in your home and know without a doubt that you have a dead animal.

Before you start any work on your own call Centurian Wildlife Services. Let one of our trained teammates come out to take a look at what you’re working with. It is very likely that he will be able to locate the animal without making a mess of your walls and then offer solutions for removing the dead animal and sanitizing your home to remove the bacteria left by the dead animal.

It is best to let a trained professional like Centurian Wildlife do the dead animal removal. The decaying flesh of the dead animal does carry disease and bacteria that is harmful to humans and domestic pets. Our teammates have the proper equipment, including respirators, and strong stomachs to manage the stench of the decay. Plus, we have biological santitizers that aren’t available to the average consumer to be very sure all the disease and bacteria left by the dead animal both on the surfaces of your home and in the air.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and dead wild animals can be dangerous to your health. Call Indian Harbour Beach Squirrel Removal as soon as you suspect you have a dead wild animal in your home.

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